Find & Replace Text Tool

Find and replace word, char or sentence in your text. Works with JavaScript and delivers instant results. You can find & replace word using Case Sensitive. How to use Copy and paste your text in the text area above, then type the text you want to replace in "Find text..." input field. In the second input field "Replace with...", place the text you want to use for replacing. Replace action is not case sensitive, unless you unmark the checkbox "Comply Case Sensitive" to replace case sensitive. Instant results will appear in last text area field as you type. Features With free Find & Replace Word Tool it is very easy to replace text online. You can find and replace text instantly, as the result will appear in the bottom text area as you type. On a first click text will be highlighted for easier copy / paste. If there is still something wrong, edit your text in second text area. Under the text area you can see how many times particular word was replaced with text for replacing. Online Find & Replace Text Tool works in Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, has a responsive design and delivers great experience on mobile.

If you're asking how to find and replace word online, Find & Replace Text Tool is the perfect answer.

Online Character Count

Free online character count tool and word count tool. Very simple to use, mobile friendly with responsive design. You get the results instant, as the Online Character Count works with JavaScript.

Capitalize Word Tool

Capitalize sentences or capitalize every word online with just one click. You can capitalize sentences, capitalize every word or correct accidental caps lock (fOR tEXT lIKE tHIS).

Uppercase / Lowercase Tool

Convert text to uppercase or convert text to lowercase online. Works with JavaScript and delivers uppercase or lowercase converted text with just one click.

Online Notepad - Save Text

Need a place online to save text? Type anything in input field and it will stay there, even if you close your browser. Come back to edit your saved text in free online notepad!